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File CdcUartTunnel.cpp

FileList > fw > rbcx-coprocessor > src > CdcUartTunnel.cpp

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  • #include "stm32f1xx_hal.h"
  • #include "stm32f1xx_hal_dma.h"
  • #include "stm32f1xx_ll_rcc.h"
  • #include "stm32f1xx_ll_usart.h"
  • #include "FreeRTOS.h"
  • #include "Bsp.hpp"
  • #include "CdcUartTunnel.hpp"
  • #include "UsbCdcLink.h"
  • #include "utils/BasePriorityRaiser.hpp"
  • #include "utils/ByteFifo.hpp"
  • #include "utils/HalDma.hpp"

Public Static Attributes

Type Name
DMA_HandleTypeDef dmaRxHandle
DMA_HandleTypeDef dmaTxHandle
ByteFifo< 512 > rxFifo
std::array< uint8_t, CDC_DATA_SZ > txBuf
BasePriorityRaiser< usbLpIRQnPrio > usbIrqPrioRaise

Public Functions

Type Name
bool tunnelOnSetLineCodingInIrq (const usb_cdc_line_coding & old, const usb_cdc_line_coding & current)
void tunnelPoll ()
void tunnelUartInit ()

Public Static Functions

Type Name
void tunnelDownstreamHandler ()
void tunnelUartRxPoll ()
void tunnelUartTx (uint8_t * data, size_t len)
bool tunnelUartTxReady ()
void tunnelUpstreamHandler ()

Public Static Attributes Documentation

variable dmaRxHandle

DMA_HandleTypeDef dmaRxHandle;

Implements passthrough between the "tunnel" UART and USB CDC. "Tunnel" UART leads to ESP32 main UART.

variable dmaTxHandle

DMA_HandleTypeDef dmaTxHandle;

variable rxFifo

ByteFifo<512> rxFifo;

variable txBuf

std::array<uint8_t, CDC_DATA_SZ> txBuf;

variable usbIrqPrioRaise

BasePriorityRaiser<usbLpIRQnPrio> usbIrqPrioRaise;

Public Functions Documentation

function tunnelOnSetLineCodingInIrq

bool tunnelOnSetLineCodingInIrq (
    const usb_cdc_line_coding & old,
    const usb_cdc_line_coding & current

function tunnelPoll

void tunnelPoll () 

function tunnelUartInit

void tunnelUartInit () 

Public Static Functions Documentation

function tunnelDownstreamHandler

static void tunnelDownstreamHandler () 

function tunnelUartRxPoll

static void tunnelUartRxPoll () 

function tunnelUartTx

static void tunnelUartTx (
    uint8_t * data,
    size_t len

function tunnelUartTxReady

static bool tunnelUartTxReady () 

function tunnelUpstreamHandler

static void tunnelUpstreamHandler () 

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