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File Dispatcher.hpp

FileList > fw > rbcx-coprocessor > include > Dispatcher.hpp

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  • #include "rbcx.pb.h"

Public Functions

Type Name
bool dispatcherEnqueueRequest (const CoprocReq & request)
bool dispatcherEnqueueStatus (const CoprocStat & status)
void dispatcherInit ()
void dispatcherPoll ()
void dispatcherReset ()

Public Functions Documentation

function dispatcherEnqueueRequest

bool dispatcherEnqueueRequest (
    const CoprocReq & request

function dispatcherEnqueueStatus

bool dispatcherEnqueueStatus (
    const CoprocStat & status

function dispatcherInit

void dispatcherInit () 

function dispatcherPoll

void dispatcherPoll () 

function dispatcherReset

void dispatcherReset () 

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