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Class Motor

ClassList > Motor

Public Functions

Type Name
Motor ()
bool atStandstill () const
bool atTargetPosition () const
void homePosition (int32_t homedTicks)
MotorMode mode () const
void modeChange (MotorMode newMode)
int16_t poll (uint16_t encTicks)
void reportStat (CoprocStat_MotorStat & stat)
void reset ()
void setConfig (const MotorConfig & config)
void setPositionPid (const RegCoefs & coefs)
void setTargetBrakingPower (int16_t brakingPower)
void setTargetPosition (const CoprocReq_MotorReq_SetPosition & req, bool additive)
void setTargetPower (int16_t power)
void setTargetVelocity (int16_t ticksPerSec)
void setVelocityPid (const RegCoefs & coefs)

Public Functions Documentation

function Motor

inline Motor::Motor () 

function atStandstill

inline bool Motor::atStandstill () const

function atTargetPosition

inline bool Motor::atTargetPosition () const

function homePosition

inline void Motor::homePosition (
    int32_t homedTicks

function mode

inline MotorMode Motor::mode () const

function modeChange

inline void Motor::modeChange (
    MotorMode newMode

function poll

inline int16_t Motor::poll (
    uint16_t encTicks

function reportStat

inline void Motor::reportStat (
    CoprocStat_MotorStat & stat

function reset

inline void Motor::reset () 

function setConfig

inline void Motor::setConfig (
    const MotorConfig & config

function setPositionPid

inline void Motor::setPositionPid (
    const RegCoefs & coefs

function setTargetBrakingPower

inline void Motor::setTargetBrakingPower (
    int16_t brakingPower

function setTargetPosition

inline void Motor::setTargetPosition (
    const CoprocReq_MotorReq_SetPosition & req,
    bool additive

function setTargetPower

inline void Motor::setTargetPower (
    int16_t power

function setTargetVelocity

inline void Motor::setTargetVelocity (
    int16_t ticksPerSec

function setVelocityPid

inline void Motor::setVelocityPid (
    const RegCoefs & coefs

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