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Class MutexWrapper

ClassList > MutexWrapper

Public Functions

Type Name
MutexWrapper ()
void create ()
void lock ()
SemaphoreHandle_t native_handle () const
void unlock ()
~MutexWrapper ()

Public Functions Documentation

function MutexWrapper

inline MutexWrapper::MutexWrapper () 

function create

inline void MutexWrapper::create () 

function lock

inline void MutexWrapper::lock () 

function native_handle

inline SemaphoreHandle_t MutexWrapper::native_handle () const

function unlock

inline void MutexWrapper::unlock () 

function ~MutexWrapper

inline MutexWrapper::~MutexWrapper () 

The documentation for this class was generated from the following file fw/rbcx-coprocessor/include/utils/MutexWrapper.hpp