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Group vTaskResumeFromISR

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Detailed Description

task. h

INCLUDE_xTaskResumeFromISR must be defined as 1 for this function to be available. See the configuration section for more information.

An implementation of vTaskResume() that can be called from within an ISR.

A task that has been suspended by one or more calls to vTaskSuspend () will be made available for running again by a single call to xTaskResumeFromISR ().

xTaskResumeFromISR() should not be used to synchronise a task with an interrupt if there is a chance that the interrupt could arrive prior to the task being suspended - as this can lead to interrupts being missed. Use of a semaphore as a synchronisation mechanism would avoid this eventuality.


  • xTaskToResume Handle to the task being readied.


pdTRUE if resuming the task should result in a context switch, otherwise pdFALSE. This is used by the ISR to determine if a context switch may be required following the ISR.