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Detailed Description

semphr. h

Macro to release a semaphore. The semaphore must have previously been created with a call to xSemaphoreCreateBinary(), xSemaphoreCreateMutex() or xSemaphoreCreateCounting(). and obtained using sSemaphoreTake().

This macro must not be used from an ISR. See xSemaphoreGiveFromISR () for an alternative which can be used from an ISR.

This macro must also not be used on semaphores created using xSemaphoreCreateRecursiveMutex().


  • xSemaphore A handle to the semaphore being released. This is the handle returned when the semaphore was created.


pdTRUE if the semaphore was released. pdFALSE if an error occurred. Semaphores are implemented using queues. An error can occur if there is no space on the queue to post a message - indicating that the semaphore was not first obtained correctly.

Example usage: