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Detailed Description


Creates a new stream buffer using statically allocated memory. See xStreamBufferCreate() for a version that uses dynamically allocated memory.

configSUPPORT_STATIC_ALLOCATION must be set to 1 in FreeRTOSConfig.h for xStreamBufferCreateStatic() to be available.


  • xBufferSizeBytes The size, in bytes, of the buffer pointed to by the pucStreamBufferStorageArea parameter.
  • xTriggerLevelBytes The number of bytes that must be in the stream buffer before a task that is blocked on the stream buffer to wait for data is moved out of the blocked state. For example, if a task is blocked on a read of an empty stream buffer that has a trigger level of 1 then the task will be unblocked when a single byte is written to the buffer or the task's block time expires. As another example, if a task is blocked on a read of an empty stream buffer that has a trigger level of 10 then the task will not be unblocked until the stream buffer contains at least 10 bytes or the task's block time expires. If a reading task's block time expires before the trigger level is reached then the task will still receive however many bytes are actually available. Setting a trigger level of 0 will result in a trigger level of 1 being used. It is not valid to specify a trigger level that is greater than the buffer size.
  • pucStreamBufferStorageArea Must point to a uint8_t array that is at least xBufferSizeBytes + 1 big. This is the array to which streams are copied when they are written to the stream buffer.
  • pxStaticStreamBuffer Must point to a variable of type StaticStreamBuffer_t, which will be used to hold the stream buffer's data structure.


If the stream buffer is created successfully then a handle to the created stream buffer is returned. If either pucStreamBufferStorageArea or pxStaticstreamBuffer are NULL then NULL is returned.

Example use: