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Detailed Description


For advanced users only.

The sbRECEIVE_COMPLETED() macro is called from within the FreeRTOS APIs when data is read out of a message buffer or stream buffer. If there was a task that was blocked on the message or stream buffer waiting for data to arrive then the sbRECEIVE_COMPLETED() macro sends a notification to the task to remove it from the Blocked state. xStreamBufferReceiveCompletedFromISR() does the same thing. It is provided to enable application writers to implement their own version of sbRECEIVE_COMPLETED(), and MUST NOT BE USED AT ANY OTHER TIME.

See the example implemented in FreeRTOS/Demo/Minimal/MessageBufferAMP.c for additional information.


  • xStreamBuffer The handle of the stream buffer from which data was read.
  • pxHigherPriorityTaskWoken *pxHigherPriorityTaskWoken should be initialised to pdFALSE before it is passed into xStreamBufferReceiveCompletedFromISR(). If calling xStreamBufferReceiveCompletedFromISR() removes a task from the Blocked state, and the task has a priority above the priority of the currently running task, then *pxHigherPriorityTaskWoken will get set to pdTRUE indicating that a context switch should be performed before exiting the ISR.


If a task was removed from the Blocked state then pdTRUE is returned. Otherwise pdFALSE is returned.