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Detailed Description

task. h

INCLUDE_xTaskAbortDelay must be defined as 1 in FreeRTOSConfig.h for this function to be available.

A task will enter the Blocked state when it is waiting for an event. The event it is waiting for can be a temporal event (waiting for a time), such as when vTaskDelay() is called, or an event on an object, such as when xQueueReceive() or ulTaskNotifyTake() is called. If the handle of a task that is in the Blocked state is used in a call to xTaskAbortDelay() then the task will leave the Blocked state, and return from whichever function call placed the task into the Blocked state.

There is no 'FromISR' version of this function as an interrupt would need to know which object a task was blocked on in order to know which actions to take. For example, if the task was blocked on a queue the interrupt handler would then need to know if the queue was locked.


  • xTask The handle of the task to remove from the Blocked state.


If the task referenced by xTask was not in the Blocked state then pdFAIL is returned. Otherwise pdPASS is returned.