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Struct Regulator

ClassList > Regulator

Public Types

Type Name
typedef uint32_t coef_type
typedef int32_t value_type

Public Functions

Type Name
coef_type D () const
coef_type I () const
coef_type P () const
Regulator () = default
Regulator (value_type max_output, coef_type p, coef_type i, coef_type d)
void clear ()
value_type de () const
value_type e () const
value_type integrator () const
value_type maxOutput ()
constexpr Regulator & operator= (Regulator && other) = default
value_type output () const
value_type process (value_type target, value_type actual)
void setD (const coef_type & v)
void setI (const coef_type & v)
void setMaxOutput (value_type max_output)
void setP (const coef_type & v)
void stop (bool s=true)

Public Types Documentation

typedef coef_type

typedef uint32_t Regulator::coef_type;

typedef value_type

typedef int32_t Regulator::value_type;

Public Functions Documentation

function D

inline coef_type Regulator::D () const

function I

inline coef_type Regulator::I () const

function P

inline coef_type Regulator::P () const

function Regulator [1/2]

Regulator::Regulator () = default

function Regulator [2/2]

inline Regulator::Regulator (
    value_type max_output,
    coef_type p,
    coef_type i,
    coef_type d

function clear

inline void Regulator::clear () 

function de

inline value_type Regulator::de () const

function e

inline value_type Regulator::e () const

function integrator

inline value_type Regulator::integrator () const

function maxOutput

inline value_type Regulator::maxOutput () 

function operator=

constexpr Regulator & Regulator::operator= (
    Regulator && other
) = default

function output

inline value_type Regulator::output () const

function process

inline value_type Regulator::process (
    value_type target,
    value_type actual

function setD

inline void Regulator::setD (
    const coef_type & v

function setI

inline void Regulator::setI (
    const coef_type & v

function setMaxOutput

inline void Regulator::setMaxOutput (
    value_type max_output

function setP

inline void Regulator::setP (
    const coef_type & v

function stop

inline void Regulator::stop (
    bool s=true

The documentation for this class was generated from the following file fw/rbcx-coprocessor/include/utils/Regulator.hpp