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Struct usb_cdc_country_desc

ClassList > usb_cdc_country_desc

Country Selection Functional Descriptor. More...

  • #include <usb_cdc.h>

Public Attributes

Type Name
uint8_t bDescriptorSubType
Country Selection Functional Descriptor.
uint8_t bDescriptorType
CS_INTERFACE descriptor type.
uint8_t bFunctionLength
Size of this functional descriptor, in bytes.
uint8_t iCountryCodeRelDate
Index of a string giving the release date for the implemented ISO 3166 Country Codes.
uint8_t wCountyCode0
Country code in hexadecimal format.

Detailed Description

The Country Selection functional descriptor identifies the countries in which the communication device is qualified to operate. The parameters of the network connection often vary from one country to another, especially in Europe. Also legal requirements impose certain restrictions on devices because of different regulations by the governing body of the network to which the device must adhere. This descriptor can only occur within the class-specific portion of an Interface descriptor and should only be provided to a master Communication Class interface of a union. The country codes used in the Country Selection Functional Descriptor are not the same as the country codes used in dialing international telephone calls. Implementers should refer to the ISO 3166 specification for more information.

Public Attributes Documentation

variable bDescriptorSubType

uint8_t usb_cdc_country_desc::bDescriptorSubType;

variable bDescriptorType

uint8_t usb_cdc_country_desc::bDescriptorType;

variable bFunctionLength

uint8_t usb_cdc_country_desc::bFunctionLength;

variable iCountryCodeRelDate

uint8_t usb_cdc_country_desc::iCountryCodeRelDate;

variable wCountyCode0

Country code in hexadecimal format.

uint8_t usb_cdc_country_desc::wCountyCode0;

As defined in ISO 3166, release date as specified in iCountryCodeRelDate for the first supported country.

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