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Struct usb_debug_descriptor

ClassList > usb_debug_descriptor

USB debug descriptor. More...

  • #include <usb_std.h>

Public Attributes

Type Name
uint8_t bDebugInEndpoint
Endpoint number of the Debug Data IN endpoint.
uint8_t bDebugOutEndpoint
Endpoint number of the Debug Data OUTendpoint.
uint8_t bDescriptorType
Debug descriptor type.
uint8_t bLength
Size of the descriptor, in bytes.

Detailed Description

This descriptor is used to describe certain characteristics of the device that the host debug port driver needs to know to communicate with the device. Specifically, the debug descriptor lists the addresses of the endpoints that comprise the Debug Pipe. The endpoints are identified by endpoint number.

Public Attributes Documentation

variable bDebugInEndpoint

uint8_t usb_debug_descriptor::bDebugInEndpoint;

variable bDebugOutEndpoint

uint8_t usb_debug_descriptor::bDebugOutEndpoint;

variable bDescriptorType

uint8_t usb_debug_descriptor::bDescriptorType;

variable bLength

uint8_t usb_debug_descriptor::bLength;

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