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Struct usb_endpoint_descriptor

ClassList > usb_endpoint_descriptor

USB endpoint descriptor. More...

  • #include <usb_std.h>

Public Attributes

Type Name
uint8_t bDescriptorType
Endpoint descriptor.
uint8_t bEndpointAddress
Logical address of the endpoint within the device for the current configuration, including direction mask.
uint8_t bInterval
Polling interval in milliseconds for the endpoint if it is an INTERRUPT or ISOCHRONOUS type.
uint8_t bLength
Size of the descriptor, in bytes.
uint8_t bmAttributes
Endpoint attributes, USB_ENDPOINT_DEF .
uint16_t wMaxPacketSize
Size of the endpoint bank, in bytes. This indicates the maximum packet size that the endpoint can receive at a time.

Detailed Description

This descriptor contains the information required by the host to determine the bandwidth requirements of each endpoint.

Public Attributes Documentation

variable bDescriptorType

uint8_t usb_endpoint_descriptor::bDescriptorType;

variable bEndpointAddress

uint8_t usb_endpoint_descriptor::bEndpointAddress;

variable bInterval

uint8_t usb_endpoint_descriptor::bInterval;

variable bLength

uint8_t usb_endpoint_descriptor::bLength;

variable bmAttributes

uint8_t usb_endpoint_descriptor::bmAttributes;

variable wMaxPacketSize

uint16_t usb_endpoint_descriptor::wMaxPacketSize;

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