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Struct usb_iad_descriptor

ClassList > usb_iad_descriptor

USB interface association descriptor. More...

  • #include <usb_std.h>

Public Attributes

Type Name
uint8_t bDescriptorType
IAD descriptor.
uint8_t bFirstInterface
Index of the first associated interface.
uint8_t bFunctionClass
Function class ID.
uint8_t bFunctionProtocol
Function protocol ID.
uint8_t bFunctionSubClass
Function subclass ID.
uint8_t bInterfaceCount
Total number of associated interfaces.
uint8_t bLength
Size of the descriptor, in bytes.
uint8_t iFunction
Index of the string descriptor describing the interface association.

Detailed Description

USB interface association descriptor (IAD) allows the device to group interfaces that belong to a function.

Public Attributes Documentation

variable bDescriptorType

uint8_t usb_iad_descriptor::bDescriptorType;

variable bFirstInterface

uint8_t usb_iad_descriptor::bFirstInterface;

variable bFunctionClass

uint8_t usb_iad_descriptor::bFunctionClass;

variable bFunctionProtocol

uint8_t usb_iad_descriptor::bFunctionProtocol;

variable bFunctionSubClass

uint8_t usb_iad_descriptor::bFunctionSubClass;

variable bInterfaceCount

uint8_t usb_iad_descriptor::bInterfaceCount;

variable bLength

uint8_t usb_iad_descriptor::bLength;

variable iFunction

uint8_t usb_iad_descriptor::iFunction;

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