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Struct usb_string_descriptor

ClassList > usb_string_descriptor

USB string descriptor. More...

  • #include <usb_std.h>

Public Attributes

Type Name
uint8_t bDescriptorType
String descriptor type.
uint8_t bLength
Size of the descriptor, in bytes.
uint16_t wString
String data, as unicode characters or array of USB standard LANGID codes codes.

Detailed Description

String descriptors are referenced by their one-based index number. A string descriptor contains one or more not NULL-terminated Unicode strings.


String descriptors are optional. if a device does not support string descriptors, all references to string descriptors within device, configuration, and interface descriptors must be reset to zero.

Public Attributes Documentation

variable bDescriptorType

uint8_t usb_string_descriptor::bDescriptorType;

variable bLength

uint8_t usb_string_descriptor::bLength;

variable wString

uint16_t usb_string_descriptor::wString[];

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