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Struct usbd_driver

ClassList > usbd_driver

Represents a hardware USB driver call table.

  • #include <usbd_core.h>

Public Attributes

Type Name
usbd_hw_connect connect
usbd_hw_enable enable
Enables or disables USB hardware.
usbd_hw_ep_config ep_config
Configures endpoint.
usbd_hw_ep_deconfig ep_deconfig
De-configures, cleans and disables endpoint.
usbd_hw_ep_isstalled ep_isstalled
Checks endpoint for stalled state.
usbd_hw_ep_read ep_read
Reads data from OUT or control endpoint.
usbd_hw_ep_setstall ep_setstall
usbd_hw_ep_write ep_write
Writes data to IN or control endpoint.
usbd_hw_get_frameno frame_no
Gets frame number from usb hardware.
usbd_hw_get_serialno get_serialno_desc
Makes a string descriptor contains unique serial number from hardware ID's.
usbd_hw_getinfo getinfo
Get USB device status and capabilities.
usbd_hw_poll poll
Polls USB hardware for the events.
usbd_hw_setaddr setaddr
Sets USB hardware address.

Public Attributes Documentation

variable connect

usbd_hw_connect usbd_driver::connect;

variable enable

usbd_hw_enable usbd_driver::enable;

variable ep_config

usbd_hw_ep_config usbd_driver::ep_config;

variable ep_deconfig

usbd_hw_ep_deconfig usbd_driver::ep_deconfig;

variable ep_isstalled

usbd_hw_ep_isstalled usbd_driver::ep_isstalled;

variable ep_read

usbd_hw_ep_read usbd_driver::ep_read;

variable ep_setstall

usbd_hw_ep_setstall usbd_driver::ep_setstall;

variable ep_write

usbd_hw_ep_write usbd_driver::ep_write;

variable frame_no

usbd_hw_get_frameno usbd_driver::frame_no;

variable get_serialno_desc

usbd_hw_get_serialno usbd_driver::get_serialno_desc;

variable getinfo

usbd_hw_getinfo usbd_driver::getinfo;

variable poll

usbd_hw_poll usbd_driver::poll;

variable setaddr

usbd_hw_setaddr usbd_driver::setaddr;

The documentation for this class was generated from the following file fw/rbcx-coprocessor/lib/libusb_stm32/include/usbd_core.h